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Wireless AP: PIII 500MHz, 192Mb RAM, 20Gb HDD, RealTek 100baseT, Compaq WL200.

Notebook: Compaq Armarda M700 750MHz with 196Mb RAM, 12Gb HDD, Compaq WL110 PCMCIA card.

Access point: Netgear ME 102.

Antennas: homebrew 8dBi omni, 5dBi omni, modded 19dBi Galaxy, infant formula tin, Pringles can, Sony NetMD promotional can (don't steal muzak).

Next project: Adding a second wireless card to the Linux AP (so that I don't have to run cat5 cable to it).

19 OCTOBER 2002

    amish antenna install day

    More to come as things happen. Well, no one has shown up yet.
    Here are some photos